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FHM January and February 2009 Signing

Sorry guys for not updating for almost 2 months. I'm still getting use to my new job here at Summit Media. So here are my new updates regarding FHM events. Last January 10, 2009 I attended Carlene Aguilar's autograph signing held in Robinsons Galleria. Though Carlene is not really a household name among people, the event is still well received and fans are so excited to meet her. And despite being a mom, Carlene still has the looks and body to be proud of.

Then a month after, I also attended the February 2009 signing of Katya Santos and Maui. This is the one of the most anticipated signing ever since Katrina Halili and Diana Zubiri. The reunion of Katya, Maui and Andrea (Not present in the event) as the Viva Hot Babes in one FHM issue is indeed a heaven for FHM readers and fans.

And now having seen the latest cover of FHM with Maggie Wilson, I'm looking forward to see her on the next event and the Summer is indeed starting.

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Azrael Coladilla said...

ganda ng youembedtube!!!!

Meiji said...

ei manong joriben
i'll linked you up to my blog!!
minjiemeiji of hifi here.

btw i noticed that you're always present at fhm autograph signing events.
hobby na? wahehhehe

Joriben Zaballa said...


Yep, hobby na. Pero pag di ko feel ang cover girl, di rin ako napunta. Mas marami ang mas adek sa akin :P

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