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My AXE Dark Temptation Night Out

I was invited to this event by a blogger friend without knowing anything about the event. I don't even know what we will be doing. At first I'm thinking of not going since I really want to spend Friday night at home because my Saturday and Sunday will be very busy days. But without knowing it, I sent a confirmation mail that I will be there.

Morning prior to the event I receive a reply email and now it contains all the information. Wow. This event is huge and I think it is fun. After work I met up with my friend in Ayala and we ride from there to Ascend Bar in Global city.

As we arrive in Ascend Bar, we are welcomed by the campaign director who happens to be also a very good friend. As we enter Ascend bar. We are introduced to our guides for the night, a group of beautiful and gorgeous ladies. We are interviewed one by one and went straight for our makeover.

After all of us participants are ready, we are briefed with the game's rules. We must get as many contact numbers of girls in the bar as we can. Actually there are really no rules on the game but we are instructed to avoid commotion especially with girls who have boys with them.

At first I don't really know how to start but my guide gave me a hand. She approached some party girls and introduced them to me. I sweet talked the girls first, asking things that I usually talk during dates and it works. I got my first number. That's not really hard so I search for other girls and I end up with a group of students in the bar. Cute girls hehehe. So again after a couple of sweet talks I got 4 contacts, weee.

After an hour in Ascend, we are instructed to go out. Outside, our Bus is waiting for our next bar stop. Fiamma in Jupiter. Its bonding time inside the bus. I have a great chat with my Guide Elaine. She is funny and I enjoyed laughing with her. We arrived at Fiamma and we immediately started to get contacts. This time I took the liberty to get my contacts without the help of my guides but time flies and I got only few contacts. So my guide help me to get more and stopped as I reached my quota. After getting contacts, we hangout on this VIP lounge where we chat again and drink some cocktails. After several glass of Rum Coke and Tequila, I'm officially drunk. So I look for the CR so that I can relieve myself of some alcohol. After an hour, we left Fiamma and rode our bus to our last destination: Alchemy.

We reached Alchemy Bar in Julia Vargas at exactly 3:00am. Now this is my last chance to get more contacts. This time I omitted the sweet talk. I activated my Amazing Race Mode. I approached every single girl in the bar and went direct to the point by saying that I need there numbers. Lucky me I did get some. After getting numbers, we drink again. Elaine is keep on teasing me to dance. So to have fun, I danced with her like I never dance before in my life. Our French friend Marianne joined us and I have two sexy ladies dancing with me that very moment. Whoa!!! I wish that night never ends, hehehe.

Then after the game we went upstairs for the final interview shoot. After the shoot, the winner is announced. I just end up as the third who got the most contacts. Not bad, right.

But win or lose, I still have a great time of my life. I will treasure the experience and will never ever forget it. And I will remember it as the night I took my confidence up to another level.

Thanks to Unilever. Thanks to AXE Dark Temptation.

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