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Sam Milby Chat Event @ Yehey!

Recently, Sam Milby visits Yehey! office for his chat event last October 14, 2008. He also promoted his recently concluded Rockoustic Concert last October 25 which is held in Aliw Theater.

It seems that Destiny is on Sam's favor that is why he continues to shine despite all the negative publicity against him and the people around him. After the TV phenomenon Maging Sino Ka Man, Sam is again cast as a beast of the underworld in Dyosa ironically named Adonis. Sam is now recognized as a multimedia actor after seeing him in his memorable acting stint in My Big Love as the obese pastry chef Maky.

Sam is happy that people accepts him when he entered showbiz and will be happy to work harder just to make his fans happy.

For more photos and story visit Yehey! chat here.

Some photos courtesy of Laszlo Lim and Macky Pabito.

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MoNiQuE said...

Daya mo! Dmo kme ininvite, huhuhuh.

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