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Moments of Attractions: My CLEAR Black Party Experience

Last week is not a very good week for me. Yes it is stressful and tiring. I miss my friends and family which really adds up to my emo aura. But not until I got this.

It is really a surprise that Unilever exerts effort on sending us formal invitations. The invites are encased in black box. Inside are the official invitation cards and also includes a sample CLEAR for men and press CD.

The big night came. I almost didn't make it because I stayed at the office to finish some pending work that I left during my 2 day absence. I stopped by my boss' office to tell him that I'm leaving. I rushed out to the nearest MRT station and took my ride to the south.

I arrived at the Taste Asia at exactly 6:45pm, earlier than my usual. Most of the time I arrive late. Holiday adds up to the reason why I arrived early. No traffic, less stress in getting a transportation and I'm already hungry and craving for the lineup of great food.

I first met up with Sarah, a long time friend. This is the first time we've talked and hanged out after a very long time. We ate our dinner together and catch up with some things we missed during those years we haven't seen each other.

After the dinner, we moved inside the dance floor where we met RG and his friend Fatima who is dressed on a cool female Predator cosplay. Fatima became an instant Celebrity that night. As the people starts coming, Fatima became the center of attention. Even the Ms. Earth Beauties that joined us that night can't resist her charm.

It is a surprise that the Ms. Earth contenders joined us in this evening fun. Everybody is excited to get themselves captured on photo with these lovely ladies.

The night is also not complete without my friends along the blogosphere. Though some of them are not into parties like this, they'e enjoyed the event the way they can by talking about events and their respective blogs.

The Transformers Philippines once again ruled the house with TFPH co-founders Mark Cerbo and Azrael Coladilla.

After several hours. Fatima finally took off her costume and enjoyed the party. We got to chat more now without her heavy and bulky costume.

And without her costume, Fatima is more eager in getting to meet most of the party boys and she actually got the numbers of most of the Brazilian guys and Celebrities that night including this very cool guy we've met named Philip and the celebrity chef, Chef Tristan.

Before the night completely ends, I met up with Lorna. A very good friend of mine who always invites me in stage play events that I really appreciate. She handed me two tickets and asked her to get me more for some friends.

It is almost midnight when we already felt like we are so drained already. We decided to pack our things and got ready to leave. The good people of UNILEVER gave us our goody bags at the reception and we bid them goodbye with tired but happy smiles.

It is a very tiring night but indeed this is a night to remember. Off course with the help of CLEAR, we got to experience the moments of attractions even in the simplest way of having friends who stays there to cheer you up during times when you feel so burned out and stressed.

Thank you very much CLEAR. Thank you very much Unilever.

Till next time.

some photos tken by: Carl, Mark, Azrael and RG

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