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Cheadle In, Howard Out in Iron Man 2

I guess there is no next time for Terrence Howard in the upcoming sequel of Iron Man since he is already replaced on the role of Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Marvel Studios is keeping the reason confidential on why Terrence is replaced on the role but reports says that the deal didn't push through because both parties don't agree with each side's financial deal. This lead to Howard stepping out of the Iron Man production and left the opportunity to wear the War Machine armor.

After Howard left, Marvel Studio closed a deal with Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda and Crash) that he will be the next Rhodey. Though it seems that many fans of the movie are sad to hear Howard's decision to leave the mantle of Rhodey, people are still confident that Marvel Studio's chooses a great actor to relplace him. So we expect that we will see a buffer Cheadle in the following months specially when the movie starts to shoot.

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Mark Rosario said...

Looks like the "Next time, baby!" prophecy wouldnt be fulfilled for Howard now. Too bad! :)

Joriben Zaballa said...

@Planet Markus

Yeah. We hope Cheadle can pull out the war machine persona.

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