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Kaputol ng Isang Awit, Altered

Yes, movies adapted to tv series are expected to be given a new touch by giving it new characters and some minor plot alteration. But in GMA's newest offering Kaputol ng isang awit, I'm very surprised that they changed a very intricate plot that surely will affect the whole story. The character of Gary Valenciano in the original film is altered and became a female character in the series that will be played by Lovi Poe.

What the f&!*k!!! Ano ba iniisip ng GMA creative nang maisip nila ang concept na ito. They'll gonna ruin a classic. In the original Sharon Cuneta and Gary Valenciano played a role of lovers but little did they know that they are brothers and sister. If the character of Gary V is changed into a female then how can Lovi Poe be a lover of Glaiza de Castro.

Sorry if I'm over reacting on this issue. It's just that I love the original movie and the least they can do is give justice to its plot. I hope Glaiza and Lovi will make a good rendition of Himala ng Pag-ibig because if they not, I will completely curse GMA for this.

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