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Ateneo Blue Repertory presents Bat Boy Musical

Deformed limbs, incomparable ugliness, excessive body hair, monstrous features. People who are unlucky enough to harvest the misfortunes of the world. Horrible freaks of nature feared by many. But behind the terrifying facade are stories and music who are waiting to be told.

In commemoration of Ateneo Blue Repertory's 16th year comes a musical that tells a story of a boy with bat-like ears and needle teeth, found in a cave and adopted by a human family who strive to teach him the ways of a cultured society. Struggling to fit within humanity, Bat Boy also faces hatred and violence from a town that fears him and jealous rage from his foster father.

Bat Boy: The Musical is an Off-Broadway and West End musical written by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming based on Weekly World News, a defunct publication that features weird stories of all kind. With the music of Laurence O'Keefe, here is a one of a kind musical about a bat-like boy and his journey for social acceptance and search for identity. Leading the cast is Marvin Ong (Jack Scott of High School Musical) as Bat Boy, Laura Cabochan (High School Musical Assistant Musical Director) as Meredith the foster mother and a wide ensemble of Blue Repertory talented actors and performers carefully chosen and assembled to offer this wonderful but bizarre tale with a rhythmic twist.

On the direction and choreography of Repertory Philippine's Robbie Guevara (Fiddler On The Roof) and Musical Direction by Laura Cabochan, Bat Boy promises to be a bloody, heart-racing musical unlike anything that Blue Repertory has done before. The show is set to premiere this coming weekend, March 7 (8:00pm) and March 8 (2:00pm and 8:00pm) to be staged in the 3rd Floor, Gonzaga Building, Fine Arts Exhibit Hall of Ateneo de Manila University. For Details and Ticket Reservations, contact Hannah at 0922-894617.

Before I forget, the show is strictly for matured audience only. According to my research, Bat Boy Musical had gone through several controversies because of immoral themes like incest, rape and interracial sex. Marvin didn't mention anything about it so I don't know if they edited out those scenes in this performance. But in case, parents are strongly advised to prohibit or better yet accompany there child on watching this exceptional show.

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