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There is No Superman-Batman Movie in 2010

My friend here just posted a head's up info about the giant poster of Superman-Batman movie in the I am Legend flick. I just want to share here what I just got from Canmag.

'Steve' has alerted us to an earlier interview with Akiva Goldman over at MTV Movies Blog.

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to his failed attempt at a "Batman vs Superman" movie pitch, Akiva Goldman has thrown in a movie poster billboard for a Superman/Batman film in the Will Smith movie "I Am Legend".

"That was Akiva's department; Akiva became the cheerleader for every movie poster and [inside] thing you'll see in this movie," grinned director Francis Lawrence, who previously directed the Keanu Reeves flick "Constantine." "So, because we're in a video store, you'd see movie posters around, and when we're in Times Square so you'd see movie posters around."

Unfortunately, fans interpreting the billboard as a sign that Supes and the Dark Knight will soon square off are setting themselves up for disappointment. "No, no, no," laughed Lawrence, when asked if the billboard was his way of announcing his next project. "That's not me."
So right there and there. But still I'm looking forward for solo movie for Supes and Batty in the future even if it is 20 years from now, hehehehe.

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Anonymous said...

"thats not me" in no way indicates that it wont happen in 2010... just that HE wont be doing it.

it will happen. mark my words.

Anonymous said...

i've heard roomers that it'll happen. you can also see that sign in the movie 'Enchanted' when the prince (james marsden) is standing up on the bus. ^_^ i really want to see this movie if they make it.

~Kate, age 15

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