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Pugad Baboy Animated Commercial

I was browsing a friend's page and I saw this video. I almost jumped for joy. Am I dreaming. I saw my favorite comic strip characters from the series Pugad Baboy in full 3D animation. The animation is a commisioned work for Jack n Jill's product QUAKE cake. Everything is well done. From the 3D models and to the movements that relives Pugad Baboy's humor. Kudos to the creative team behind the production and to Mr. Pol Medina Jr. for slowly reaching his dream.

Got the video from Budgette Tan's Youtube account.

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Charlie said...

i saw the tv ad recently, and i'm quite amazed when i saw the pugad baboy characters in 3D pa! i'm a PG fanatic eversince, hehehe, i had the comic strips book collection from 1 to 18. it's really nice to see them in tv commercials.

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