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A Hero or a Monster : A Heroes Feature

Episode 9 do really reveal more and more about the lives of our weekly favorite characters from the series Heroes. After watching this episode, I can't help to think how the production will turn out since Heroes will end this coming December with two more episodes to release. I believe that this series do still have more to offer. Yes, Heroes have shortcomings this Season but Heroes became very close to fans that they even don't care.

I just read this article by John Campea of the Movie Blog where he discusses his disappointments about the current season. What caught my attention is the item that talks about the Boogie man who suppose to be much worse than Sylar (Season 1 Finale). Earlier this season, Molly reveals that the Boogie man is none other than Matt Parkman's fugitive father Maury Parkman. Maury Parkman like his son Matt possesses the ability of hearing people's thoughts. But unlike his son, Maury is an advance telepath where he develops his ability to alter brainwaves and use them to generate hallucinations and Nightmares that can leave his victim in a coma. Maury also exhibits the skill of controlling anyone just by commanding them by the use of Telepathy.

With the abilities above, I have no doubts that he is indeed dangerous and could be a very scary character in Heroes universe. But the fact that Matt just beat him proves that he is not that really strong. Now on the latest episode, Matt shows some improvements on his abilities and now he can do exactly what his father can do. Matt seems to be enjoying his new found powers especially while using it to people (Molly and Angela Petrelli). This is the point that I came to another theory. Matt is one of the most overrated character in the series. No one is not that really excited about him. What if Matt turns to the other side. It is possible. With a bad childhood background and a failed marriage, not to mention the things he carries, the burden inside his mind. Parkman could end up to be the worse villain in the series.

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