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Open Letter from SM IMAX Management for Transfans

I just got the reply from SM IMAX management regarding the Transformers movie in IMAX and here it is:

Hi! Good Day!

Thank you so much for the kind interest...In regards to Transformer being shown to IMAX Theatre, unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to show it soonest...

Anyhow, we'll keep you posted..

For your kind info and understanding.

Hoping to see you soon here at IMAX Theatre

Have a great day ahead!

fatima san diego
theatre manager

I want to apologize for the info I released in my blog regarding the Transformers IMAX experience. As a responsible blogger I should at least confirmed it to the theater itself if it is true. I know that hundreds (or even thousands) of Filipino Transfans become very excited of the news I post here in my blog. But unfortunately Transformers will not be shown in local IMAX theaters soon.

Again my apologies. But still hoping Transformers will soon hit our local IMAX theaters. Let us cross our fingers and continue to hope.

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