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Chris Cooper is Norman Osborn for The Amazing Spider-man Sequel

The Hollywood Reporter announced the latest addition to The Amazing Spider-man Sequel cast.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin.

Chris Cooper in the Patriot

Chris Cooper has signed on to play Noman Osborn in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Columbia Pictures.

The character of Osborn is pivotal in the franchise because he is the alter ego of the Green Goblin, which was played by Willem Dafoe in the original Spider-Man movies.

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Chris Cooper will be joining Dane Dehaan (Chronicle) who will be playing harry Osborn his son and friend to Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley). There is still no confirmation if Osborn will become The Goblin on this sequel but with Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Electro (Jamie Foxx) on the line up it is highly unlikely that we will see him throwing exploding pumpkins on this sequel.

Opening next year, The Amazing Spider-man 2 is to be distributed by Sony Pictures.


If you are wondering, that Green Goblin I used in the header is from a rejected Makeup test for the first Spider-man film.  Still confused why they choosed that lame Sentai Goblin to this but probably they just don't want to scare the kids.  Watch the test video here:

I really wish this new Franchise will use this concept.  It is creepier but definitely more believable and menacing.  Raimi's Green Goblin is not scary at all.  And it went downward all together when they decided to make Green Goblin a mask skater in the 3rd film. 

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