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Angry Titans are Angry: Wrath of the Titans Unleashes Villains in new Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures released a new trailer for Wrath of the Titans, but this time focusing on the introduction of the new threat, Kronos and his legion of colossal beasts.  Witness the new trailer, below.

Last movie, we got giant scorpions, Furies, Medusa and the Kraken feeling up the beast lineup and though the movie didn't live up to expectations, we must admit that design wise they all look awesome. Thanks to Aaron Sims who designed the characters. Now that he is back in Wrath of the Titans, again he delivers new breathtaking designs for the creatures and costume. He really knows what he is doing and just by seeing his designs coming to life is enough reason to see this film.  And wait... Perseus using his father's master bolt?  Now that IS badass.

Coming in cinemas on March 29, 2012 from Legendary Pictures to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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Chris A. said...

The trailer looks great.

Hopefully this doesn't get butchered and ripped-off (again) by the local film studios.

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