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Expendables 2 Cast Poster Mockup Leaked

Ok as if the lineup for the first movie is already manly enough.  Now comes Expendables 2 with both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis stepping in for a full appearance plus new additions like Jean Claude Vann-Damme and Chuck Norris.  Seriously, I don't really care if this movie has no story as long as this guys kick some butt, I'm fine with it.

The poster above is said to be not final and it seems to be just a mockup that leaked online (Notice the credits block.).  But still I find it so bad ass and with this poster alone the testosterone is already overflowing. Can't wait to witness this film when it comes out on cinemas in August.

poster source: JOBLO

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Chris A. said...

Chuck Norriiiiisssss!!!!

A perfect movie treat with everyone's favorite old man, our father (the biological ones) hehehe.

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