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Theater Retrospect: The Sound of Music 1980

I was having a quick research earlier while doing my laundry about The Sound of Music.  If you can remember, I shared here that Resorts World is soon to be staging the classic Musical.  In my research I found this very classic video that is dated in year 1980's.  And guess who are the actors on the show.  Well find out yourselves by watching the video after the jump.

Hahaha, did you see that coming?  Young Lea Salonga and Monique Wilson joins brother and sisters Raymond and Menchu Lauchengco on a staging of The Sound of Music in 1980 season of Repertory Philippines.  And can you believe it that also Risa Hontiveros is also a Thespian back in her time.

Menchu Lauchengco (now Yulo, then 17), Raymond Lauchengco (14), Javier Arriaga (12),
Monique Wilson (10), Lea Salonga (9), and Angela Adams (5).

Now that's one precious clip we got there.  It is nice to see the roots of the icons we know today.  And let this be a proof that great talent is forged with time.

For more photos and details about the show, visit  Gibbs Cadiz's blog where I found this wonderful clip and photos.

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