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No After Credits Scene for Captain America???

Just read something from Film School Rejects regarding Captain America: The First Avenger.  It just happened that they are invited to see an early screening for press and critics. For now they are not yet allowed to spill any details about the plot but they did shared something that most moviegoers and fan will love (or hate) to know.  It is something about the after credits scene.  Here is their official statement:

Rewinding to the night of the screening, as the film ended I, like most of those in attendance, stayed seated, ready to pop my 3D glasses back on for an after-credits sequence. This is, after-all, a Marvel Studios film. They’ve got a strong history (recently) of teasing us, at least a little, with something after the credits. Surely we’d have to see some little tidbit of The Avengers, right?

Wrong. After the credits rolled, nothing. Lights up, suckers. There were actually audible boos – something special, considering the audience was predominantly media professionals, however lightly that term describes us.

Well of course an after credits scene is not necessary if the scene intended to be shown is already revealed even before the credits like what most movies usually do.  But with the FSR Staff's reaction it seems that the movie is lacking something and he is definitely disappointed.

After the said screening the press and critics are also invited to a junket where they are allowed ask questions about the movie.  And yes as expected, FSR asked producer Kevin Feige regarding the Epilogue.

During a question at the press junket today, there was some confusion from Kevin Feige when a question was asked about the epilogue. The question was about the last scene in the movie (which I can’t talk about at the moment, I guess, though everyone already knows what it is, I think) which could be called an epilogue. But when Feige asked “which epilogue” it seemed to imply there could be a second.

Further questioning was more direct: Is there something after the credits? His response, word for word: “Not at the screening you saw,” followed by a big grin. Now, there are two entirely plausible possibilities. One, Feige is messing with us. There isn’t and will never be a post-credit sequence. Two, Feige is messing with us and it wasn’t screened for critics and it will be in theaters.
So the production is making us believe that they are really an after credits despite the fact that the screening for critics don't have one.  Great Marvel.  You are such a tease.

Set to premiere on July 22, 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger is released by Marvel Studios and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

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