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Warner Bros. Releases Green Lantern Full Costume Look

As many are expecting that the one shown on the trailers is the final rendering of Ryan Reynold's heroic suit, it appears that the studio behind the special effects is still on a work in progress during those time.  Because finally Warner Bros. released the very first official (and presumably final) renders of  Ryan Reynolds on the Green Lantern costume.

Other than the weird absence of boots, I can't see anything wrong about the costume.  Maybe because I don't really read any Green Lantern titles and I hardly idolize the hero.  To some fans (and purist) they feel that the new costume violates all the comic book essence of Green Lantern.

Yes, maybe I'm not really the expert but a movie is a movie and a comic book is a comic book.  It is just a damn costume.  Well at least it looks close compared to the X-Men movies that deviates from colorful costume to dark leather suits (Yes Bryan Singer, it is more practical that way but that's not the issue here).  So far what Green Lantern showed with trailers and sneak peeks is a magnificent work of art.  Let's wait for the final movie and we can all seat and judge the film there.  Coming on June 16th, from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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