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Jori on the Scene: Happy Hobbyist

I just got my complimentary copy of Action and Fitness Magazine where an article about Hobbyists are featured.

Thanks to Kath Eustaquio for picking me as one of the subject of the article. Hahahaha, first time to see my photo on a feature article yeboy!!!

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ohmski said...

sinong sikat?

Rowena Wendy Lei said...

Akala ko Summit mag eh... :p

Minjie.Meiji.Chocobawang said...

oooohhhh nice one

Chris A. said...

Wow, astig Jori.
Wait nyu lang... mag aappear din ako, sa television... sa Imbestigador, bilang isang may-ari ng dugyot na bakery wahahahaha Joke! wala nga kaming bakery eh hehehe. Blog and older medias like television, newspapers and magazines are now merging with each other for a more wider prospect and opportunities.

JORI said...

lolz belat!

Hahaha, a friend interviewed me, akala ko maliit na article lang. Nagulat na lang ako main feature pa ng Fitness and Wellness. Tawa nga ako nang tawa kasi sabi ko di naman ako fit. Sabi niya, fit naman daw personality ko bwehehehehe. May ganun, lolz

hehehe thanks

Buti nga sana kung nabanggit ang blog ko. Eh wala. Puro laruan lang nabanggit. Sana pati blogging, Hobby rin naman yun hehehehe.

Wena said...

wow! nice one!!! sikat ka na...

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