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X-Men DOFP Cerebro Files: Quicksilver and Blink

It's been a while since the last time we check our Cerebro files.  We got some latest updates about new Mutants.  This time we got some who transcends time and space. Meet the speedster Quicksilver and the teleporter from the future, Blink.

Real Name: Pietro/Peter Maximoff
Alias: Quicksilver
Abilities/Mutation: Super Speed
Cerebro Notes:A thief with a penchant on mischief.  A bit hard to tame but can be very useful if persuaded. Proceed with caution.  

Real Name: Clarise Ferguson
Alias: Blink
Abilities/Mutation: Teleportation (Through Dimensonal Wormholes)
Cerebro Notes:A mysterious mutant from the future who can open dimensional wormholes. As of now, she can only bend space but there is a big potential for greater calling.

End of Cerebro File Report...

Opens in cinemas nationwide, May 21, 2014, X-Men Days of Future Past is to be distributed by 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros..

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