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Avengers Alliance Tactics Beta Test Log 01: First Impressions

So I'm back after playing Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics for days.  And now I'm ready to share some first impressions about this new spinoff Facebook app that may also answer some frequently asked questions.  So here are they.

Q. Is it better than Avengers Alliance?  
A. The answer is pretty relative.  The two possess systems that  give both a unique experience.  If you like a straight forward and simple turn based system, then Avengers Alliance is definitely the right one for you.  On the other hand, Alliance Tactics is not just different in battle system (tactical turn based) but it expands the whole experience by incorporating some elements of RTS.

Q. RTS? As in Real Time Strategy?
A. Yes.  In Alliance Tactics, the Commander (player) manages his army on their own command center.  And the players needs to maintain it and defend it from other players who can invade it.  You also need to upgrade buildings to increase capacity for currencies, character pieces and other resources.

Q. Is the game connected with Avengers Alliance?
A. Again as of now, if we are talking about story,  I still can't tell.  But some game elements are the same.  The use of ISO-8 for ability enhancements, command points for character piece recruitment, etc.  I guess as early as now, we can say that this is on the same universe.  Also another thing I noticed on Alliance Tactics is the frequent use of portals from different universe.

Q. Is it still buggy?
A. Absolutely.  And most of the time the loading time is so long.  Probably because they are still using a limited amounts of servers.

Q. I still can't get through. What's going on?
A. The game is still on close beta.  Some new players can be so lucky to get through like me but other than that, the others can only hope that they can snatch a slot once the developers open some in random.

Q. What is the most important tip you can share for first time players?
A. Don't advance on new missions because they may just force you to take a harder one.  If you finish a certain assignment, repeat it to save resources.  Start building your command center as early as you hit the game.  you will need it.

Q. Going back to the first questions. Personally, do you like Alliance Tactics.
A. Got tired of the old Avengers Alliance, and I'm the kind of gamer who likes to welcome new ways of enjoying a franchise.  And so far I'm enjoying it. 

So far those are the only questions I can answer and forgive me if I didn't gave the right answers.  Everything is just based on my everyday walk through and will not claim as official infos.  Will be doing another update after I found out more about the game.

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Pegasus Saint said...

I liked the review. Still can't play the game but if you can post more about in the future, even a news direct from the game i thank you

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