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Bryan Singer Teases Iceman for X-Men Days of Future Past

Before you get excited, Singer didn't really revealed Iceman's exact appearance but rather a hint to something really COOL... literally.  Again he teased it on his twitter account.  See the post below.

Yep that's Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake aka Iceman with some visual effects motion capture markers on his face. It looks like we will see him in Ice form like what he did in X-Men Last Stand. But just by looking on this photo, it is not clear if he will turn his clothing into ice. So we may assume that he will be wearing something and Ice all over underneath it. What do you think about this new execution of Iceman? Voice out your opinions on the comments section.

Opening next year, X-Men Days of Future Past is from Marvel Studios, to be distributed by 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros.

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