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Commemorating the Legends: I do Bidoo Bidoo, Heto nAPO Sila

Ever since the day I saw Moulin Rouge!, Across the Universe and Mamma Mia!, I wonder will there ever be a local musical that will feature legendary songs written by OPM legends and transformed them to a musical narrative.  That was 2008.  Now that wish came true this year when Unitel together with Studio 5, presents musical film based on a group that we all love.  Here comes I do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nAPO sila: An Apo Hiking Society Musical.

Conceived by Unitel Productions' Tony Gloria who dreams to have a film based on the songs of APO Hiking Soceity. He wants to revive the musical era of the industry but instead of using foreign themes, why not use our own.  And the idea is born. “I believe that the Filipino moviegoer is ripe for this kind of musical extravaganza especially when the music is something close to their hearts like the songs of APO.” Mr. Gloria, whose vision is shared, nurtured and upheld by Unitel’s new President Ms. Madonna Tarrayo, added, “I wanted to give back something we can be proud of - for the Filipino, by the Filipino.”

Direk ChrisMartinez (right) and Producer Tony Gloria (left),
definitely my favorite producer since Crying Ladies :P
The movie will be directed by Chris Martinez, the genius behind "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" and "Kimmy Dora Saga". Chris Martinez sky-rocketed to fame after creating such entertaining pieces. Now he will embark on his first full length Musical back to his home studio, Unitel.

 The Powerhouse Leads.  The force is indeed strong.

Oh you think that is already great? Wait till you find out who are the cast. The movie will be lead by OPM legends like Ogie Alcasid (Pol Polotan), Zsa zsa Padilla (Elaine Fuentebella) and Gary Valenciano (Nick Fuentebella). Imagine this 3 big OPM and Movie stars uniting on a musical film singing the APO's greatest hits. It is a cast made in heaven. And wait there is more. Joining them is comedy super star that we all love. She is none other than Ms. Eugene Domingo, playing Ogie Alcasid's wife, Rosie Polotan.

Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos
Don't be fooled by this 2 teenagers because they are one hell of a performer. 
You should have seen them on stage.

The movie also features 2 of the fastest rising stars both on Movies, TV and Theater. The Movie revolves around Tippy Dos Santos (Tracy Fuentebella) when she finds herself pregnant of Sam Concepcion's (Rock Polotan) child. With this complication, their family is entangled on a series of unfortunate events, sprinkled with APO's memorable tracks.

Theater veteran and Member of the Country's Premiere Vocal Group The Company, Sweet Plantado-Tiongson joins the cast together with teen star Neil Coleta and Avenue Q Star, Frenchie Dy.

The supporting cast is also not a joke. They are composed by the best talents and mostly theater musical actors. I guess Direk Chris prefers talent than fame so he see to it that all of his cast can really sing and of course act. The support cast includes Sweet Plantado (You're a Good Man Charlie Brown), Frenchie Dy (Avenue Q), Neil Coleta (Aryana), Jaime Fabregas (Here Comes the Bride), Kiray Celis (Kimmy Dora 2) and Gerald Pesigan (E-Boy).

After Joel Lamangan's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and Chito Ronio's Emir, I do BiDoo BiDoo is defintely another step for the local musical film scene. This movie is definitely a must watch. If the reasons I mentioned above is not enough, I don't know what will convince you.

Finally opening in August 29, 2012, I do BiDoo BiDoo: Heto nAPO Sila is from Unitel with partnership with Studio 5. Let's all celebrate OPM pride and see you all at the movies.

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