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Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

So people are still asking me if Snow White and the Huntsman is really good.  Unfortunately, people are still having reservations about the film mainly because of the lead Kristen Stewart.  I guess the Twilight reputation is hard to wipe out from her resume and the essence of blood still lingers to the moviegoers' taste buds.  But this misconception should stop now because this movie definitely needs your full attention.

Snow White and the Huntsman's plot tell's the classic story of our favorite fairy tale.  If you don't know Snow White then I don't know what planet are you from.  But of course the film is twisted in a way to make it more edgy and gritty.  Here lies the film's strength.  It balances classic plot with a creative twist that reinvigorates the tale we use to hear from our parents.  That is why anyone can watch it despite the so called "Lord of the Rings" treatment.  Speaking of Lord of the Rings, I guess it is unfair for both to be identified to each other.  Yes they are both somehow set on medieval ages with common elements such as knights, archers, creatures and magic but Snow White and the Huntsman never gave me the impression that I'm watching a Tolkien masterpiece for it has a unique ground that supports the whole film which is the tale of Snow White itself.

There is no question that Charlize Theron's portrayal of Queen Ravenna is the most anticipated character ever since the film is announced on public.  Her exquisite yet intense portrayal of the Evil queen is so intoxicating that it shows just how she becomes one of the most sought after actress on the industry.   But despite her role's robust nature, it didn't overpowers the other casts and actually compliments them creating a harmonious chemistry among each and everyone of them.  On a sad note, I find Chris Hemsworth's role underwhelming because it didn't offer anything new and unexpected.  All I can see is Thor. The only difference is he is now using a hatchet instead of a hammer.  The character is too flat.  It doesn't have any interesting things to offer except the fact that he is the one who [spoilers] Snow White. Good thing they didn't kill him because at least I have high hopes that if ever the sequel comes to reality, there is a possibility that his background will be explored in details.  On the other hand, I'm so surprised with the inclusion of the duke's son, (prince) William (Sam Claflin).  I really thought he is just a small role on the film.  His story is more amusing compared to the Huntsman.  I'm actually more interested to know how will his role grow from being Snow White's childhood sweetheart and as the proverbial "Prince Charming" of the fairy tale.

But the movie is useless without the heroine. Of course the film is still about the fairest of them all, Snow White played by the Twilight star, Kristen Stewart.   I for one don't like Kristen.  I remember when the movie is first announced, I'm one of those who frowned about the casting.  Thank God I gave the movie a chance and saw Stewart's great potential.  Her boyish persona blends well with her beauty and her ability to perform rough and intense scenes at the same time she has this ability to show that she is still vulnerable and all woman.  This makes her an absolute perfect choice for the role of a beautiful warrior princess.  This is definitely her shining glory.   Stripped from the character most moviegoers hate.  So for now, forget Bella and her obsession on sparkling blood suckers.  Set aside your biases because you are missing a film that truly defines her capabilities as an actress and a rising action hero.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman.  It is one of the most exciting interpretation of the Snow White Legend I ever saw.  Though there is still no definite announcement about a sequel, I'm really looking forward to see how far this legend can go.  The film is now showing on all cinemas nationwide from Universal Pictures distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

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