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Rise of the Fallen Franchise: Wrath of the Titans Movie Review

It has been a week since Wrath of the Titans is released and it got some fair amount of good and bad feedback from the public and critics.  Personally, I believe what really throws Wrath is its poor story telling and the occasional mediocre performance of the main lead star himself Sam Worthington (Perseus) that almost put the film on a messy situation just like Michael Bay's Transformers franchise.  But despite its shortcomings,  many still strongly believe that the film is a big improvement to its predecessor (Clash of the Titans) because it actually solves most of the problems the previous movie have.  And with these set of improvements, you will know that the film is really far more superior and a saving grace for the almost fallen franchise.

Awesome Creature Battles.

Clash of the Titans did have a lot of decent creature battles but most of them didn't really live up to the hype of the film.  They really look good when they are first shown on trailers but when you finally see the final sequence on the film, you will find yourself very underwhelmed.  The creature themselves are also not that impressive.  For me the battle against Medusa is the best among them all but that's not even close to perfect.  With Wrath of the Titans, all creature battles are executed the way how I actually imagined it.  The battles are as vicious as the creature designs and though some battles are short, they end with a big and epic bang that you will find absolutely satisfying.

Gods in Action.

Another big disappointment with Clash of the Titans is the small involvement of the Olympians.  The pack of Perseus do all the hard work while the gods stay in Olympus (with occasional visits on Earth) watching everything like your favorite reality TV show.  Now in Wrath of the Titans, Zeus (Liam Neeson), Poseidon (Danny Huston), Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) are on the spotlight as they settle their personal differences on divine confrontations and olympian display of power.  Yes, you will enjoy seeing a lot of those in the course of the film and it will definitely give you goosebumps seeing these titanic proportions as they beat the hell out of them until one is on the ground.

Female Power.

It is a customary that an action film should have at least one strong female protagonist that can tumble, hold a weapon and fight with the male cast.  Clash did try to put one but still fail with the character of Io played by Gemma Arterton.  In Wrath of the Titans, it doesn't only give you one but I guess at least three females in action.  One of them is Andromeda, now the current Queen of Argos and played by the oh so charming Rosamund Pike.  The other two are members of the Queen's army that joined Perseus' party as they embark on a mission to save the captured Zeus.  Andromeda and her female soldiers did great on providing the female empowerment on the film.  I also like how willing these actresses to look ugly and dirty just for the sake of perfection.  And most importantly they are really good  in combat and stunts.  Definitely the kind of women you will really like on an action flick.

Faithful to Mythological Roots.

Clash is based on Greek Mythology but it is also established even on the original 80's flick that the film is not 100% faithful reproduction of the Greek legends but rather a combination of different stories forming one epic plot.  So to make every character fit on one story, the writer of course did a lot of alterations.  But these changes went too far that they completely drift away from the original.  In Wrath of the Titans, the writers tried their best to preserve Mythological roots which brings back the familiar tales we use to love reading in literature class. For me this is the biggest step the film finally perfected and absolutely the key ingredient for the franchise' second chance after the failure of the first installment.

After watching Clash of the Titans two years ago, I'm not really excited for a sequel.  That is how mediocre that movie was.  But after watching Wrath of the Titans, I'm more than eager to see the sequel or even a prequel for this epic fantasy.  Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. definitely took notes from bad reviews and created an epic sequel that puts the franchise back to its rightful throne.

You've already seen the clash before, now be ready to feel the Wrath!  Still showing both in Digital and IMAX 3D cinemas nationwide.  Wrath of the Titans is from Legendary Pictures, distributed by Warner Bros., a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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