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[UPDATED] Marvel's The Avengers Offers Double After Movie Delights

It looks like everyone who will be going to the cinemas to catch Marvel's the Avengers several weeks from now will be experiencing some geeky goodness.  Because the tradition of after credits scene in all Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is officially confirmed.

I just read an article online saying that Marvel's The Avengers will have not just one but two after movie scenes. One played halfway the credits scene and one after credits. The in credits scene is already attached to the early release of Avengers but the after credits is yet to be attached on the regular screening.  Don't ask me what's the in credits scene because I rather not tell.  But if you insists of knowing, you'll probably know it if you already saw Odin's vault ;)

Everything is getting more exciting about this film.  Can't wait for April 25!


Meanwhile in other news, despite the fact that magazine covers have been criticized for over photoshoping of models, Muscle and Fitness Magazine wittingly goes beyond  air brushes and warp tools by featuring a completely CGI cover boy.  Guess who's the lucky guy.

Say no to steroids and say yes to Gamma radiation, hahaha

Just saw the movie the other day and I just want to burst the bubble of everyone that there is only one additional scene in the movie which is the Mid Credits. There are no scenes after the credits.  This is also consistent to some denial of Joss Whedon himself that they didn't shoot an extra scene.  But many online media also said that Whedon doesn't really deny it directly so there are still a possibility that it is true and the additional scene will be only available after May 4th.  As of now we can't confirm this not until the US premiere.  But no worries, the Mid Credits is enough to give you geek orgasms XD hehe

2nd extra scene for The Avengers confirmed!

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