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Cast Reveal: Carla Guevara-Laforteza for Atlantis Productions' NINE

And here's a new update for Atlantis production's NINE.  Another fine lady is joining the line-up in the persona of the stage actress extraordinaire, Carla Guevera-Laforteza.

Its been a while for Carla since the last time she played a role on an Atlantis production show.  Now she is back on the company's fence now playing the role of Carla Albanese, mistress to Guido Contini who will be played by Jett Pangan.

But before Nine premieres on September 2012, Carla will be unleashing her pester power on 9 Works Theatrical's "You're a Goodman Charlie brown" playing the 8 year old cynical and crabby girl Lucy van Pelt.  This lady is unstoppable.  That is why I love her.  Can't wait to see her intense performance once again on stage.  Just a few days left Jori, just a few days left :)

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