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Philippine Opera Company Introduces "Ang Bagong Harana"

In the advent of new age music most Filipinos had already forgotten the hymns that forged our nation's artistic heritage.  It is so sad that these beautiful creations are already forgotten in time in favor of music that comes from the womb of our foreign contemporaries.  Though we can't really stop the evolution of art appreciation, the only thing that we can do is try our best to look back and remember what makes our own local repertoire one of a kind.  And that is the goal of Philippine Opera Company's latest offering, "Ang Bagong Harana".

After a well received show in 2008, POC's "Harana" didn't only make a good impression locally but also internationally when it actually went to Amsterdam to show the world how magnificent our talents are.  They stayed there until 2010 and upon returning to the country, "Harana" continues its advocacy towards local artistic awareness.

Though "Harana" is a big step on attaining POC's vision, they still think that they need to make it more accessible to the younger audience.  And that is how "Ang Bagong Harana" is born.  According to the Director, Playwright and Palanca Award winner Floy Quintos (La Boheme), this new and improved "Harana" is going to be much more challenging as over-all director because of the holistic approach in looking at our culture and the music that resonates from every region in our country.

'Ang Bagong Harana' will integrate past, present, north, south, colonial, post-colonial experiences and put them into a revue where our whole souls will be the source of inspiration. The different suites shall mix old and new songs re-mixed, re-arranged and re-edited while talking about who we are as a Filipino and where we have all come from ”, Quintos added. "Ang Bagong Harana" will include a very well researched repertoire that will showcase an authentic indigenous Philippine music and its appropriate dance and folklore fused with classic favorites composed by such famous artists like Nicanor Abelardo, Ryan Cayabyab, Levi Celerio and Willy Cruz to name a few.

Of course the show will not be complete without the voices that will immortalize these anthology of songs that includes Manila's most finest Opera singers and  stage actors like POC Artistic Director Karla Gutierrez, Aizel Prietos, Charley Magalit, Janine Santos, Marian Santiago, Lawrence Jatayna, Jack Salud, Nazer Salcedo, Marvin Gayramon, Al Gatmaitan, Jurgen Unterberg and Floyd Tena.

Philippine Opera Company promises a very memorable show that will not only quench our thirst for musical extravaganza but also will eventually lift our patriotic spirits and once again relive these legendary compositions that make us proud to be Filipinos.

“Ang Bagong Harana”  will start serenading the public on a limited run starting September 29 until October 1 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati.  For ticket sales please call Philippine Opera Company at 881-7168 or 0917-5272880 or call TicketWorld at 891-9999.

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