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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

A Much Better Wonder Woman Costume

Just got a new photo of Adrianne Palicki while shooting Wonder Woman.  What is good about this photos is the costume is different from that on the first photo they released.  I believe this new version is a lot more better and practical.

As you can see the shiny latex pants are trashed and replaced by a much comfortable material with good shade of blue that gives contrast to the shiny star motif on the side. The boots are now red instead of blue and minus the high heels.  The overall tone of the colors are also tweaked to make it less glossy.  Here is a video of the shoot and see Palicki in action with the costume.

With that video, I hope people will now understand why they didn't go to the "panty bottom" route.  I believe the improvements are good.  Looking forward for this show.

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Animetric said...

I think she's got the whole amazon look down pat, WW is supposedly an amazon right?

Joriben Zaballa said...

@rowena yes. But they also want it to be modern and practical. I just wish she will built some more muscles because Amazonians are well ripped.

muslim marriage events said...

Change all the blue to black (keeping all the gold accents) and add that sweet black leather jacket and she would rock, Rock, ROCK!!!

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