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Changing Sides: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

I really can't wait to get hold of this new Dissidia game so I just googled some info regarding its release. But as I was surfing online, I just get a hold of an official promotional artwork that really looks very weird. At first I can't pinpoint why the artworks is weird but with a closer look all I can say is W-T-F!!!

So do you notice what is so weird about the artwork? Well this blog's title kinda give it away.

Yes, as you can see Tidus, Cloud and Terra is placed among the Chaos side while Jecht is on Cosmos' side. According to some blogs, the three are brainwashed and being controlled by one (or three) of the villains. On the other hand on Jecht's case, I'm not a bit surprised because I think he did mentioned on the first game that he used to fight on Cosmos' side.  For those who still don't know, Dissidia 012 is a prequel set before the first Dissidia game.

We also know that Kain (FFIV), Tifa (FFVII), Lightning (FFXIII), Laguna (FFVIII) and Vann (FFXII) are joining the previous cast for this game. But as of this night I just found out that another 3 characters are joining the roster: Gilgamesh from FFV, Aerith from FFVII and Prishe from FFXI.

Now I'm really excited to play this game. Mark your calendars: March 22, 2011.


Just read from some early reviews who played the japanese version that Duodecim is actually an upgrade of the first Dissidia Game.  The story of Dissidia is also included on Duodecim.  This is the reason why this game is in dual UMD.  Now I'm more excited haha.

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