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Jori Turns RED?

I hate January. Why? Because it is the month after the Holidays and always leave me penniless for weeks. And since that I don't have money, I resort to limiting all my expenses and eventually diverting all my resources to my primary needs which is transportation and food. This year is the most depressing experience ever. Too depressing that I almost don't eat and things like going to cinemas (ARG!!!) or having dinner outside are quite impossible.

My mobile phone is also important to me because through it, I can communicate with people whether it is for work or just for casual conversations. But with a limited budget, i still can't afford to load my mobile using my current mobile provider. But fear not, as a friend shared to me something great that is perfect for people like me who have limited funds for mobile load.

Ladies and Gentlemen RED Mobile introduces, "Crazy Low Rates". With this service, believe it or not, with as low as P4.00, you can load your RED Mobile with unlimited TEXT to all RED subscriber. If you want to have an Unlimited call service, pay P8.00 and you will have Unlimited Call and TEXT to all RED subscriber.

With RED Mobile's Crazy Low Rates, I won't ever worry about my budget problems. With this service I can literally load my mobile from spare changes and use unlimited TEXT and CALL all day.

It is truly heaven sent.

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