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JORI vs. CLU 2.0: TRON Legacy FB App Promo

Got to try this cool app in facebook. It utilizes face mapping enabling your face to be transfered inside the Grid as a Light Cycle driver.

The video features me as a random Grid Program who is on the run from an unknown program.  It is a wild chase between us but in the end the other wins.  Then he reveals himself to be none other than but CLU 2.0, Kevin Flynn's (Jeff Bridges) own program that currently appears to have taken over the system as a master control.  The video looks neat and makes me feel that I really have my own program inside the Grid.  You should try it too.

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Philippines, "TRON: Legacy" will open across the country on Dec. 17 in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and regular formats.

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Ria Hazel said...

Nice moves Jori! :D

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