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Unforeseen Predicaments: Life as we Know it Movie Review

Been very busy lately that I don't have time to do some reviews for some past movies.  But I think the movie that I just saw earlier this evening just gave a little pinch on my heart.  A few hours won't really hurt.  So here it is.
Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) are two people who totally hates each other.  After a disastrous blind date set by their respective best friends, they are forced to set aside their differences (for the time being) when one day a tragedy left them sole guardianship of a baby girl.  Juggling work, time and social life, they are now left with the biggest roles ever given to them: becoming the baby's on the spot parents and living in just one roof.

Katherine Heigl:  Still Hot and funny but didn't gave anything new.  The same old style and execution.

Josh Duhamel: Perfect role for a chick magnet.  Surprisingly talented and he looks good as a dad.
Studios should give him more serious roles and give him other projects other than Rom-Coms.

The story is simple, funny and sweet.  I can say it is also very predictable on some parts and the script may need a lot of improvements.  Katherine Heigl's character is pretty much like Katherine Heigl herself.  Nothing too deep.  To be honest, I think Heigl handled this character just like how she handled her character on her last film that I saw with Gerald Butler (The Ugly Truth). I can't see any difference.  But she still amuses me.  She is still hot even on awkward situations and gorgeously funny.  Josh Duhamel's role may appear to be very easy because for a good looking guy it is not really hard to play a hot philandering Network Sports Director but still Josh is a big revelation because he just surprised me with his impressive acting chops that sometimes I don't expect from such pretty boy actors on this very simple roles.

Though having a poorly written script, the plot concept as a whole is very thought provoking.  You know when sometimes we asks ourselves: What if we are the one inside those character's shoes?  Will we accept the guardianship of a kid that not our own?  Are we ready to compromise our own private lives for a new one?  Are we ready to live with somebody we don't like?  Are we ready to be parents?  And so on and so forth.  And as we live this new life, eventually more questions will be asked.  Practically speaking I may reject the offer of guardianship even the fact that the parents of the child are good friends of mine.  Why?  Because of many reasons... practical reasons.  But sometimes situations count.  Maybe if I'm on that situation of LOST, maybe... my reasoning will change and probably choose the most insane choice I will ever have.

Being parents are not a 3 month course on college.  It is a continuous learning process that involves you and your better half.  And as much as the movie is too idealistic, if ever real people like the lead characters exist I salute you guys.  Good Job.

If you are a movie critic, don't watch this movie, period.  But if you are somebody who just want to laugh, be inspired and yeah this may sound very cheezy:  FALL IN LOVE, then I suggest grab those tickets and watch "Life as We Know it" as it premieres this coming October 20, 2010 in all Philippine cinemas nationwide.  The film is directed by Greg Berlanti from a screenplay by first time feature writers Ian Deitchman & Kristin Rusk Robinson.  Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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