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Godzilla Returns to Hollywood with Legendary Pictures

Despite the fact that many people hates the american version of Godzilla, produced in 1998 with Emmerich.  I somehow likes it.  I even watched it several times without gettign bored with it.  But that is because I don't really know the original source material.  And according to my research, the american remake did really screwed everything about it.

Then After more than a decade, here comes Legendary Pictures dropping a bomb last SDCC.  Yes they are planning to bring back the Japanese monster back to the US shore.  Last Comic Con, the folks over at Talking Dog Studios developed a promotional T-shirt that featured a not so bad concept poster artwork of Godzilla that circulates the convention.

As much as I'm concerned if we will be talking about the design, I think they nailed it this time.  It is much closer to the Japanese version even sporting  the same nuclear breath thingy.

I like the artwork, but I hope this new remake is much better.
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