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Tale of Excess and Shortcomings: Maximus and Minimus Movie Review

Max (Cai Cortez) is a fat woman.  But she is not your typical chubby character because other than being confident on her looks and a hefty bank account, Max's sex and love life is as healthy as her facade.  To cut it short, she is indeed happy of her life but not until she met Elmo (Baron Geisler), her current boyfriend.  Despite the happiness Max experienced with him, the one she thought a perfect relationship took a nasty turn when Max discovers her boyfriend's disgusting secret.  Running parallel to Max's story is her ex-lover Papu's (Mikel Campos)  dilemma over a very big but "SMALL"  paranoia that left him very emotionally and sexually scarred for years.  As he journey to look for solutions on his shortcomings, will he regain everything that he lost? 

Maximus and Minimus is a brave movie that tackles a very sensitive issue of sexuality and self acceptance.  The movie is presented on a very light approach despite the fact that it is an art film.  The jokes are funny though some of them are not delivered properly or out of timing. 

I really don't have problems with the performance of all the characters especially the three main characters: Max, Elmo and Papu.  Baron (Elmo), despite his bad reputation lately.   No doubt his acting techniques had improved.  Even much better with his co-actor Mikel Campos (Papu) who won the best actor award in the Cinema One Originals.  Mikel Campos did a very well job too but he could do much better if he is given a character with dimensions.  Papu's character is very flat.  Mikel is a well trained actor and I hope producers will not just use him to play the typical Male sex symbol.  This is Cai's first movie as a lead and all I can say is she is a very lovable girl on screen and not to mention a brave one.  She acts very well, in fact she can act much better than those actors given a break on a daily local TV drama.  Though I think her acting technique needs to be refined because her movements are too exaggerated for a film or tv exhibition.

Like what I always say, I don't really like watching too deep movies.  Not that I can't understand it.  I just don't like thinking too much when I'm watching a movie.  Maximus and Minimus has a simple plot combined with comedic scenes that everyone will enjoy.  Though I found the ending very confusing that I lost track of what really happened.  But nevertheless, this film is worth your time and money.  If the movie screens again after the festival, you should grab the chance to watch it and learn the importance of things you have and things that you don't.  Directed by Nap Jamir and an official entry to Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival.

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