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Celebrating 14 Years for Enchanted Kingdom

Last October 24, I visited Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate its 14th year anniversary. It is almost afternoon when we arrived but people are still beginning to arrive at the park.  Many people most especially families grabbed the opportunity to visit  Enchanted Kingdom to avail its month long discount for theme park goers.

As you enter the park, you will already notice thick amount of people inside.   Most of them, came from far regions of Luzon but of course many comes from Manila.  From kids, to teens, mother, father and the elderly, no one wants to be left behind on this day of celebration.

As the sun sets, the fun didn't stop there.  The people gathered on the Spaceport area excited to see the Simon & Silver Magic Show that I missed because I can't hardly see the show because of the crowd that surrounds Spaceport.  But after that, I got the chance to go inside and be ready to witness the Sky Wizardry finals.

The Sky Wizardry show is hosted by Angel Aquino and Bobby Yan who are both avid visitors of Enchanted Kingdom and fireworks display aficionados.  Both hosts shared that they feel so young whenever they are watching this kind of shows that is why they are very happy to volunteer as hosts of that night's event.

The wizardry began and everybody are cheering with excitement.  Everybody are delighted with the dazzling colors and dynamic presentations.  Though mostly of us are wondering how this fireworks are executed in that way, we just ignore it and sit back and enjoy how lights and fire in the sky dances like shooting stars from the heaven.

During the presentation, the judges are also introduced.  Some are local government officials but it really pays to get more from the entertainment industry like Arnel Pineda, Nonito Donaire, and maestro Ryan Cayabyab to name a few.

Then it is the turn of Mr. Mario Mamon (President CEO of EK) and Mrs. Cynthia Mamon (VP for SMILE) to have their Anniversary Speech thanking everybody from the staff, to the crew of Enchanted Kingdom and to the patrons of the theme park for being loyal for almost 14 years.

And after that, the winners of the Sky Wizardry are announced and the trophies, cash and complimentary gifts are awarded to them by the judges and by Mr. and Mrs. Mamon.

It was a very tiring day but no doubt a very joyous one.  Happy 14th Anniversary  Enchanted Kingdom and forevermore may the Magic stays to all of us.

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