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Cameron Promises Visual Superiority with Avatar

Last Night we are invited on a special Sneak Peek on some of Avatar's movie footage in complete 3D at SM North Edsa IMAX.

The show includes spoiler free footage of the film featuring some of the key actors like Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Joel Moore, Stephen Lang and a lot more. Like what I said there are no important plot points revealed in the show but it clearly states the film's main idea of human consciousness being transferred to an Alien Body.

Jake Sully (Worthington) is a disabled soldier (paralyzed leg). So he undergoes this process where his consciousness including his memory and brain activities is transferred to another body. But it isn't just like any other body because they used Aliens to perform this experiements. Aliens called Na 'vi. Na'vi is a giant Alien humanoid with Feline like features that inhabits Planet Pandora. Jake is overwhelmed by his new body (specially the fact that he can walk again) but he didn't know that the new body also comes with a new fate when he got caught on a war and destined to save a civilization.

That is the main premise or at least how I understand the main idea of the film. But last night's show just focused on how will they show us how Avatar will look like in IMAX which is totally awesome. The High Definition images combined with 3D Digital format and Dolby Digital sound makes the whole Avatar experience unforgettable.

I hope the final product will not disappoint us. We are expecting to much for this movie and I don't know how to react if those expectations are not reached.

On the direction of the award winning Director James Cameron. “Avatar” will open in the Philippines on December 18 (Friday) from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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