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OtakonEK 2008: Event and Pop Culture Evolution

For almost 7 years I've been an Anime viewer and lover, and attending anime conventions has been one of my favorite events. In this events, all Otakus (anime fans) gather on a given venue just to celebrate their undying devotions to Anime and Manga.

Since the year of its first debut in the Philippines, Otaku Conventions had entirely evolved and adapt to different cultures and hobbies. Now, Otaku conventions merges with toys, comicbooks, movies and video games just to encourage other people with different interest to join and enjoy these kind of events.

"Kailangan din na magexperiment ng iba't-ibang concept sa mga events. Kaya ako I don't stick to one format. I see to it na may bago sa susunod na Taon."

Azrael Coladilla, Blogger and an Event organizer believes that the success of an event lies on whatever new things you can offer every year. Whether it is a revamp on a certain segment or an entirely new concept. This is why he didn't think twice when Richard Burgos, assistant Vice-president of Enchanted Kingdom offered a partnership in this event. Now from the usual Otaku Convention offerings, Enchanted Kingdom shared its rides and attractions to anime fans to add spice to the existing gathering.

This is the birth of OtakonEK 2008. A perfect union of pop cultures that changes the face of Otaku conventions.

Dozens or merchants, organizations, animation and gaming studio participated in this event. Among of them are DAMEAT, Arist's Den, Transformers Philippines, Toy Soldier Philippines and Action Figures Philippines.

Cutting Edge productions also introduces the only animated feature in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Fest and invited us to visit their studio one of these days to know the production process of the project. Director Robert Quilao narrates the premise of the movie "Dayo". And judging to its trailer and character designs, it seems that this animation movie is indeed promising.

I also got the chance to try Bangu-bang Mania, Vitas Development's online fighting game and probably the first 3D online game ever developed in the Philippines. AR Umali, the Project Director of the game introduces the game to new gamers and promises superb quality entertainment right on our fingertips.

And what is an anime convention without the cosplayers. Enchanted Kingdom offered a free entrance to anyone who will be in full costume in that event. Over 300 cosplayers registers and they flocked the whole theme park. Imagine Batman riding the space shuttle or Mr. Satan (Dragonball Z) screaming in the Anchors away. With the cosplayers scattered all around the park, all people including regular EK visitors are really entertained.

After the event, everybody rest for a while and spend the rest of the evening enjoying the rides of EK and when the clock strike 9pm the beautiful fireworks display signals the the one hour countdown to the park's closing time.

OTAKONEK 2008 is a success. See you all next year.

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