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San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 120 Pandemonium

After attending the FHM Iwa Moto Event at Robinsons Galeria. Me together with MC and his friend Toni rushed to the San Miguel Avenue for the San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 120 kick-off. Just like what we expect, the whole San Miguel Avenue and part of Julia Vargas is already swarmed with thick crowd.

After dropping by the exit to get our tickets from JP, we headed to the other end of the bar to enter the venue. But to our surprise, the entrance is already blocked by I think at least 300 people.

We decided to search for an opening and squeezed ourselves but to no avail, we just found out that the organizers already stopped permitting anyone to go inside. Off course people who have tickets get mad because most of them cashed out some money just to go inside and even booth owners are not allowed to go inside.

After several minutes of waiting, a commotion starts on this certain part of the entrance where people are more eager to get in. According to Paolo who's near the said crowd, people popped the giant Beer balloon just to get in and starts pushing the fence by force.

For some reason, by around 8:30, they (the gatekeepers) decided that there were already too many people inside, and they simply stopped letting people in. Even people who had tickets weren’t allowed in, or if ever they did, they had trouble squeezing in through the sweat-shield-covered crowd.

Several shouts of protest has turned the group mentality from eagerly-in-line to the-people-versus-the-organizers. They even popped a hole in the giant SMB beer bottle balloon thing. (As it deflated, it fell on several people’s heads lol)

Then, some godless-fucks from behind shouted, “1, 2, 3, PUUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHH!”

Everyone had to push along in order not to get trampled. Rainwater that had collected on top of the registration tent splashed all over my right arm. (Stagnant water, yow) I held on to a bit of railing while knees, elbows and heads hit me all over.

Your Mind Will Go Pi

Because of that, we decided to back out since we are afraid that we might get stuck on the stampede. We walked towards the other entrance located at the end of Julia Vargas near SM Megamall but again, the entrance is already closed. Though compared to the other entrance, the people here are more obedient and more reserved.

After almost an hour of walking, we decided to stay on a nearby Chowking outlet to eat. I'm really starving to death. And there together with other Oktoberfest attendee failures we ate and talk expressing our disappointments to the said event.

After the Heaven event in FHM, Oktoberfest becomes a literal Hell for all of us. We stayed at McDo Pearl Drive for the rest of the evening waiting for our friends who got lucky and enjoyed the party.

photos and video by: MC

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Anonymous said...

Andyan ako ... somewhere in the crowd, lol. More than an hour ako pumila para lang maipit ng mga siko at tuhod dahil sa pagtutulak.

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