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Review: Avenue Q

Directed by
Bobby Garcia and Chari Aripacochaga

Rachel Alejandro as Kate Monster / Lucy the Slut
Felix Rivera as Princeton / Rod
Frenchie Dy as Christmas Eve
Rycharde Everley as Brian
Aiza Seguerra as Gary Coleman
Teenee Chan as Mrs. Thistletwat / Bad Idea Bear
Joel Trinidad as Nicky / Trekkie Monster / Bad Idea Bear

Life sucks in Avenue Q! But for a fresh college graduate like Princeton, Avenue Q is his new home. His door to a journey looking for his purpose aided by his new neighbors like Brian, Christmas Eve, Nicky, Rod, Gary, Trekkie monster and his "Cherie Amour", Kate Monster.

But life in his new neighborhood is far more than what it sucks the most. It even makes you feel the same way to yourself. But that's reality anyone can’t escape. Join Princeton as he live his life in a small community of humans and puppets as they all look for the answers on social predicaments and still finds time to laugh despite the struggles that starts to tear each and everyone’s relationships. And in the end find everyone’s true purpose.

But hey! This is Avenue Q. Wipe those tears and enjoy the show. Either way, everything in Life is just for now.

From the creative hands of Directors Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga, with a stellar cast that includes Rachel Alejandro, Felix Rivera, Tenee Chan, and Joel Trinidad as the puppeteers of KateMonster/Lucy the Slut, Princeton/Rod, Mrs. Thistletwat and Nicky/Trekkie Monster respectively, Aiza Seguerra who played a former child star, Gary Coleman, Rycharde Everly who played a 33 year old unemployed white man, Brian and Frenchie Dy who played the bubbly Asian Therapist, Christmas Eve. Atlantis Production presents there latest musical offering, Avenue Q.

After watching this musical, I can’t help thinking that my life sucks a lot. And I feel good for that. Yeah, it’s weird. The best word to describe Avenue Q. Adopted from Jeff Whitty’s book, Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez transformed it to musical notes and lyrics and created a Tony Award-winning Broadway Musical. It was almost a year since the first time I heard Avenue Q’s soundtrack and I find it very funny … … and weird (still can’t take out the word weird). That is the reason why I didn’t hesitate to buy a ticket when a friend informed me about the show.

The show is not a disappointment. My friends and I have a great time watching the musical. It’s such a laugh trip. But more than the funny scenes, the musical talks about issues regarding racism, unemployment, homosexuality, depression, sex and even internet pornography that in reality are already part of our social heritage.

The actors and puppeteers did a very good job. Among my favorite performers are Felix Rivera and Frenchie Dy. Aiza Seguerra didn’t fail to amaze everyone because of her brilliant portrayal of Gary Coleman. She is indeed a good choice for the character, a total performer that withstands the test of time.

As I type this review, I’m still looking forward to watch the musical for the second time. And to all fuckers out there, the December re-run is your last chance this year to watch this freaky but enlightening show. And if you don’t want your life to suck, don’t you dare miss it.

And it’s certainly better than staying at home watching porn.

Here is a clip of the original Broadway cast during a presentation in 58th Tony Awards Night.

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