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Before Angel and Marian: Vilma Santos as Darna

Oh yes, to everyone who are still debating about who's the better Darna, Angel or Marian.  Remember that there are others who came before them.  And the most memorable among them is...

Governor Vilma Santos.  So for a tribute, here's an artwork of the Governor as the superheroine created by Mars Ravelo which she portrayed on several movies in the 70's like Darna and the Giants (1973), Lipad Darna Lipad (1973), Darna vs. the Planet Woman (1975) and Darna at Ding (1980).  It is so nice to see her back on that iconic costume even if it is just an artwork.  Thanks to Joey Mariano for this wonderful artwork and for making us more proud about our local pop culture.

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ronaldubai said...

Thank you very much for making this artwork as tribute to Queenstar For All Seasons Vilma Santos.No doubt, she is the most successful and memorable Darna in Philippine history having 4 Darna movies which until now considered the biggest money-maker of all time.Global Vilmanians are hoping to see Ate Vi featured in this blog again.May your tribe increase.From the bottom of our hearts..thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Po! Ang GANDA ng artwork. Sana mahanap ang kopya ng Lipad Darna Lipad at ipalabas ulit sa mga sinehan

Joriben Zaballa said...

Thanks po, pero di po ako ang gumawa ng artwork na ito. Si Mr. Joey Mariano po. Shineshare ko lang po dahil bukod po sa maganda ang pagkakagawa ay talaga naman pong isang magandang baliktanaw sa nakaraan. ;)

enadurata said...

Superb artwork! Great blog!
Thanks for the tribute on Gov. Vi!

vhan manalo said...

Ito ang kalayaan ng SINING! Maraming salamat sa pagbibigay daan sa tunay at nag-iisang DARNA na maaring baunin ang ala-ala sa golden years namin, MGA VILMANIANS! God bless!

Anonymous said...

maraming salamat for this artwork....pinasaya nyo po kaming mga nagmamahal sa isang vilma santos!!!mabuhay po kayo kasama na si ginoong joey mariano!!!

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