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JORITV: Rent February 2010 Tribute Video

I was cleaning up some clutters on my files when I find this video file hidden somewhere beneath all other files and I can't believe that I never published it before. Here is a Tribute Video that I made for 9 Works Theatrical's first run last February.

Last February is my first time to see Rent live so I'm really very grateful for 9 Works for reviving it again on stage and it is really quite refreshing and liberating at the same time. I really Love Rent that is why I created this video.

For those who haven't seen the show, this could be your chance to see it. It is currently playing in Power Plant Mall for a limited engagement until Sunday Dec. 12. Call 898-1440 to 41 or 0908-8692988 for show schedules, tickets and reservations.

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