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Iron Man 2 Mark V Armor IMAX Poster

Hello everybody.  I know its been a while.  I've been to a lot of schedule adjustments and because of the heat, I got sick twice (6 days tops) and now I'm just getting back in managing my entertainment blog.   I still have a lot of movie reviews to publish so watch out for them because I think most of those movies are still in the cinemas because they are quite good.  On the other hand,  next week is the worldwide premiere of Iron Man 2 and I'm so excited for it.  Now I'm just sharing a very cool IMAX poster of the Mark V armor.

For those who just saw this armor, this is the armor in the latest trailer that emerges from a briefcase.  Some calls it the portable armor and it looks more light weight compared to Mark IV and Mark VI.   This poster is oozing with geek juice and even me I can't get a hold of a ticket for the advance screening.  So for those who can't wait to see it here in the Philippines, I think SM Mall of Asia IMAX is having an advance screening this coming April 28 and 29.  For what I heard the tickets are priced between P500 - P700.  Not really sure.  You may visit SM Cinemas website for more info regarding the Advance screening.  Iron Man 2 will be coming in Philippine theaters next week April 30 distributed by Solar-UIP and Paramount Pictures.

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