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First Photos of The Last Airbender

Not really a Nickelodeon fan and definitely not an Avatar fan. But I'm doing this for the sake of those who enjoys watching this series. Paramount had already released two new photos from the movie featuring Noah Ringer as Aang and Dev Patel as Zuko.

The movie's title is already modified removing the word "Avatar" to pave way to James Cameron's movie with the same title.

The movie is set to premiere next year, July 2, 2010 under Paramount Pictures.

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TheBachelorGirl said...

LOVE the Avatar! Thanks!

JORI said...



Haze said...

uy! ayos to ah!

we watch it sa nick kaya lang di na kami updated. hehe may dibidi kaya nito? hehe lolz

Photoblogger said...

This has to be my favorite cartoon, but boy am i disappointed with the casting. FIRE BENDERS ARE CHINESE, so are Airbenders, Waterbenders are indians. gosh.. so much for "asian" influence in the movie..

Thanks for sharing this Jor!

Anonymous said...

im dissapointed. zuko does not have that much hair this early in the show. hes practicly bald. oh well. still alittle disapointed.

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