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Pretenders Invades the Transformers 2 Movie

We got this heads up from TFW2005 that there will be a female character in the movie named Alice who transforms in to a humanoid robot. A transformer who hides in a human shell also known as Pretenders.

The TFW TF2 Insider has confirmed that the character of Alice, as played by Isabel Lucas, in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is a Pretender. For those not familiar with Transformers sublines from the 1980s, Pretenders are Transformers that are hidden inside a shell that acts as their disguise. In the case of Alice, the shell will be an attractive human woman while the inner robot is best described as a hybrid of the Frenzy robot design from the first movie. The Pretender Transformer will have an arm that transforms into an energy weapon, a long tongue, and a scanning tentacle.
So we will be seeing a female android like character in the movie. This is interesting. Let's hope this concept will work out good for the movie.

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