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San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest for Bloggers

September 26, 2008. It was a very stressful Friday and I'm really looking forward for that particular night to party, relax, chat with friends and listen to a good music.

And San Miguel gave that opportunity to all of the people like me to gather in SM Mall of Asia and spend happy hours with free food, beer and band performance. Not to mention the prizes given away to the attendees. I met up with Blogger friends like Aileen, Rowena, Sarah, Sire, Azrael, Mark, RG, JP and Patrick. After satisfying our taste buds and drinking a couple of bottles, the crowd is jump started by the performance of Moonstar 88. They played for almost 20 minutes I think. Got the chance to meet up with Maychelle Baay (Moonstar 88's vocalist) and took a photo with her (she is really cute :p).

I also forgot to mention that there are also beer drinking games. Too bad I'm too full to drink a pitcher full beer in one sitting. Azrael and RG did join the games but failed to win the grand prize.

The night is truly one of those night I can say that I enjoy a lot. And with this party, San Miguel Oktoberfest is fully redeemed for what happened before in Ortigas. I can now completely erase the bad memories of that incident.

Thanks San Miguel for giving us one hell of a party. Kudos!!!

Special thanks to Aileen for the invite and Azrael for some of the photos.

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