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Rock of Ages Coming in Manila in 2012 (Theater)

Last night through twitter, Atlantis Productions announced their first offerings for the 2012 season and yes it is not really what I'm expecting.

Like I always say I'm not into Rock but this show is definitely one to look forward to.  It got  a lot of decent songs that music lovers would really like to hear specially the currently hit "Don't Stop Believing" by journey reintroduced on the show Glee.

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx

But what really excites me is that next year Waner Bros. and New Line Cinema is also releasing a movie version of this musical on theaters.  It is tentatively scheduled on June 2012 so there is a possibility that the Live Manila prod will be playing side by side with the movie.  I'm also a little bit worried because this could be either an advantage or disadvantage for Atlantis.  I really hope it is more of an advantage.

Other than Rock of Ages, Atlantis Productions will be starting the year with a repeat performance with their last show, In the Heights.  All of the main cast are expected to return but it is also possible that they will welcome some new casts.  More details coming soon, together with new announcements of other shows.

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