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Snooky Serna Raped

Snooky is a guest to DJ Mo's 40 Forbidden Questions last September 26. Snooky revealed that she was raped at the age of 14 by an actor she worked before. She said that the incident gave her a trauma that leads to her not enjoying sex anymore.

She didn't mention the actor's name but she state that the actor is still very active now in showbiz.

If she is 14 back then. It could be not later than 1981. She did star in several movies that year like "Underage" and "Bata pa si Sabel". Male actor that she did work on those films may include Gabby Concepcion, Mark Gil, Edgar Mande, Jimi Melendez, Dennis Marasigan and Albert Martinez. Now who among the guys did it.

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Anonymous said...

Gabby Concepcion, Mark Gil, Edgar Mande, Jimi Melendez, Dennis Marasigan and Albert Martinez - Of all the guys you enumerated it's only Albert Martinez who's still very much active and present in showbiz. Nung kinasal ba sya, buntis na ba non si Liezl? Un ang latest revelation ni Cookie sa last interview nya with PEP.

Anonymous said...

i remember her saying na "nananahimik na yung tao.." so sino ba ang nananahimik na at hindi na pwede magsalita....it would be aiko's dad (may he rest in peace)..kawawa naman pati patay isinasali sa intriga just for media mileage....

Unknown said...

for me...watching snooky eversince she was a teenage and seeing her interviews way back....for me it was consistent...walang kieme, walang kaartehan...and usually honest..she probably did not disclose about the rape before syempre for many reason..bata pa sya nun..... but i believe its the truth.... we may not know if its either for publicity or not.....but i believe it happen... for other people it might a wrong timing... kung kelan hard up na sya....pero probably for her it was the time to let it out... matagal mo ng kinikimkim..kailangan ng ilabas...for her own sake narin yun.... ito naman mga taga showbiz.... drama,,,for publicity..etc ..etc...alam naman ng mga taga dyan...ay uso talaga na ni-rerape... ina-abuse ang mga young celebrity kahit sa hollywoord ganun....

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