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The Not So Sherlock Holmes Trailer Released

I'm really excited for this movie adaptation of one of the greatest Detective ever created on fiction. Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes had always be the inspiration for almost all modern Detective stories in novels, tv and movies. Now Warner Bros. Pictures presents Sherlock Holmes to the big screen choosing The Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. to play the title role. I really like crime mystery movies, series and novels and I'm one of those looking forward for this film.

Today a friend of mine shared the trailer to me but as I watch it, it doesn't feel very Sherlock Holmes. It shows fight scenes, explosions and gun totting action. It didn't show any scenes of Sherlock Holmes solving cases and mysteries. Well, this is the first trailer though so it is possible the other side of Sherlock Holmes is yet to be presented to future release of new trailers.

I hope so.

Sherlock Holmes is set to Premiere this coming Christmas.

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ohmski said...

yeah, hindi nga Sherlock Holmes ang pagkakaportray. pero mukhang maganda.

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