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President Gloria Arroyo is a Skrull

This is really funny but it turns out that the rumors are real. Yes, the President of the Republic of the Philippines is featured in the latest issue of Marvel's current Crossover Secret Invasion. I still don't have the issue so we are still not sure if the President is really a Skrull or it could just be a political satire that tells how Filipino politicians cling to who holds the greater power in the planet which is currently the Skrulls Empire in the comic.

So grab your copy now and know what's happening in Marvel universe.

Here are the list of the personalities in the Page above. (Thanks to Warburger of hifi)

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Tony Stark
  3. Osama
  4. Chris Rock
  5. Paris Hilton (just because of the dog)
  6. Oprah
  7. Dalai Lama
  8. Richard Dawkins
  9. Reed Richards
  10. Pope?
  11. Magneto
  12. John McCain
  13. GMA
  14. Dr. Doom
  15. Barack Obama
  16. Tom Cruise
  17. Namor
  18. Kim Jong Il
  19. Gov. Arnold

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