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The Wolverine Full Trailer Officially Premiers Shows a Depowered Logan

After months of waiting, 20th Century Fox finally revealed the first trailer for one of the most anticipated film of summer.  James Mangold's The Wolverine Trailer is now up.  Watch it after the jump.

To be honest I'm currently very confused with the idea they are trying to tackle.  In the trailer, a long lost friend of Logan offered a chanc for him to give up his so called "immortality".  In other words, the man will neutralize his mutation... his healing factor.

The problem is, after losing his healing factor, he still have the Adamantium on his bones.  We all know that the Healing Factor is the only thing that keeps Logan alive.  The Adamantium may cause his internal organs to fail being exposed to such material. Now that his ability is gone, he should be as good as dead.  In comics he did lost his healing factor one time but it is also the same time when he lost his adamantium when Magneto ripped it out of his body.  Not sure though if there are other Wolverine stories that shows Wolverine surviving Adamantium bonding without healing Factor. If anyone knows please drop a comment.

Opening in July 25, 2013 in Philippine cinemas, The Wolverine is from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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